Whitley Bay High School - Governors Information


6pm Start
Thursday 29th September 2016
Thursday 1st December 2016
Thursday 9th February 2017
Thursday 30th March 2017
Thursday 18th May 2017
Thursday 6th July 2017

please contact Zeta Aynsley at the school for further information


Chair of Governing Body
Paul Mitchell (Co-opted Governor)

Vice Chair of Governing Body
Helen Thompson (Co-opted Governor) Chair of Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee/SEN/PP Governor

Parent Governors
Paul Allen Chair of Staffing Committee
John Evans
Lawrence Fletcher
David Grigg
Caron Pearson Child Protection/Safeguarding Governor
Paul Ridley

Local Authority Governor

Co-opted Governors
Peter Berry Chair of Finance and Premises
Gareth Gaston
Omar Mohamdee Vice Chair of Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee
Naomi Oosman-Watts
Adam Rule
Aissa Tyley
Nick Wright

Staff Governor
Janice Burrow

Headteacher Governor
Steve Wilson

Foundation Governors
Andrew Elliott
Christopher Tipple

Clerk to the Governing Body
Zeta Aynsley

Publication of Governor’s Details and Register of Interests

In the interests of transparency, all schools and academies should publish, including on their website, up to date details of the structure of the Governing Body and any committees, together with the names of their governors and their particular roles and responsibilities within that structure. This information is required for each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months. They should also publish relevant business and pecuniary interests. This information must be published in a readily accessible form which means that the information should be on a webpage without the need to download or open a separate document.

Schools and academies should also publish an annual statement setting out the key issues that have been faced and addressed by the governing body over the last year, including an assessment of the impact of the governing body on the school.

Governing Body’s Annual Statement

The Issues faced and addressed by the Governing Body over the last year were:

  • Regular monitoring and updating of safeguarding arrangements within the school

  • Planning for the new curriculum. Ongoing review of budget pressures and staff levels to ensure current and proposed curriculum requirements can be met.

  • Review and evaluate safeguarding within the school

  • Strategic review of projected student numbers (and the financial implications) and responding actively to LA review of secondary provision

  • Ongoing review of budget and staff levels to ensure current and proposed curriculum requirements can be met. Confirming staff structures. Optimising use of all income streams, including pupil premium

  • Careful budget planning to refresh premises and facilities so as to deliver an excellent learning environment

  • Detailed analysis of student and departmental public examination performance at GCSE and A Levels and agreement of action plans. Planning for the new curriculum

  • Active oversight of the staff development and performance management arrangements in operation at the school

  • Ensuring that the Governing Body itself is kept informed about local and national issues and developments and keeps its skills up to date

  • Reviewing and evaluating school self-evaluation and development plan

The impact of the Governing Body on the school can be seen in:

  • The provision of a safe and secure working environment for students and staff

  • The support it offers for the delivery of a model of education which allows each student to achieve her/his full potential

  • Delivery of an environment in which students thrive, enjoy their education, achieve outstanding results and participate in the very large range of extra-curricular opportunities on offer

Structure of the Governing Body and Committees

The Chair of the Governing Body is Paul Mitchell and the Vice Chair of the Governing Body is Helen Thompson

The Governing Body’s structure and membership is outlined in the table below and within that structure it has the following committees:

Committee Abrv. Name of Chair
Finance and Premises F & P Peter Berry
Staffing S Paul Allen
Curriculum and Student Affairs C & SA Helen Thompson


Governors are required to report direct and indirect interests on the school’s website – a school should obtain the following information from governors:

  • Ownership or partnership of a company or organisation which may be used by the school to provide goods or services.

  • Goods or services they offer which may be used by the school.

  • Any close relationship they have to someone who satisfies either of the above.

  • Any close relationship they have to someone who is employed by the school or is within the governance structure.

  • Company directorships and/or charity trusteeships.

  • Details of any other establishments of which they are a governor, trustee or member.

  • Indirect interests where they might benefit by virtue of their relationship with a “connected person”. Any circumstances in which a person stands to benefit, even indirectly, is also an interest that must be recorded.

Re. Associate Members

As above, and the website should advise which committees they are a member of and what their voting rights are on those committees.

Please note: in accordance with the Governing Body’s Code of Conduct (2015) governors may be suspended for failing to provide the information above.

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Governing Body Information

For more information about the Governors at WBHS, please contact the school directly.