Students' Leave of Absence

The Government has recently changed the regulations regarding student Leave of Absence. Under the new rules, schools are told that: “headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.” Previously, there was an assumption that schools could grant ten days leave to students at the headteacher’s discretion. It is clear that this is now not the case. This change means that it is extremely unlikely that we will in future be able to grant any leave of absence for family holidays and we will need to record any such as unauthorised absence. We will continue to look at other requests on a case by case basis and grant those we consider to be “exceptional”. This might include such things as sporting or other representative call ups or genuinely educational experiences.

Leave of Absence can only be granted upon the completion and submission of a Leave of Absence request, available from the office or to download from this website. We strongly urge you to complete such requests in good time and before any payment is made. You may, of course, also ring for a discussion regarding any possible request in advance, with your child’s Head of Year.

Click here to download the request form in PDF Format

Charging Policy:

A number of educational activities are organised to enhance the curriculum, and parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost. Without such contributions, many worthwhile educational activities would not be possible. Parents will be fully informed in advance of any costs involved for activities in which their daughters/sons participate.

Please view the Prospectus and contact the Headteacher’s PA for further information