Whitley Bay High School - Disadvantaged Students

We are passionate about providing a high quality education for all of our pupils, including our disadvantaged students. We aim for all of our students to leave ths school with the academic profile and skills required to be successful in life.

We are delighted to report that our disadvantaged students achieved better results than non-disadvantaged pupils nationally in 2016. This information is detailed below in the results table.

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In 2016/17 the school is receiving £106,800 and we will be building on the 2015/16 initiatives in the following ways:

  • Continue to allocate each PP student a key worker/mentor to support learning
  • Refine the current ‘Pupil Passport’ in the light of evaluations and trial this electronically and via email
  • Small group additional tuition in Maths and English for students not making expected progress
  • Sixth Form mentoring across a range of subject for students not making expected progress
  • Pre St James’ Park visit and style challenge
  • Year 11 Learning Conference at St James’ Park with a motivational speaker
  • Regular Book reviews with a focus on PP students to monitor underperformance and trigger intervention and CPD
  • Purchase a set of subject Revision Guides for each student to aid with revision as well as any essential equipment i.e. a calculator, art supplies etc
  • Attendance monitoring and reward scheme for those with under 90% attendance across all year groups with focus on Year 9 in term 1.
  • Whole school, departmental and individual Raising Achievement initiatives
  • ‘Out of your comfort zone’ trips- to build confidence, team working and self-belief for students in Years 10 and 11
  • Aspirational progression pathways - visits to employers, local colleges and universities
  • Transition project with Middle Schools to ensure no ‘dip’ in performance Years 8 to 9. Liaison with Middle School PP leaders to discuss students joining in Year 9. Training for all staff on Year 9 PP.
  • Targeted Revision workshops and breakfast clubs
  • A ‘Boost’ event following trial examinations in March 2017
  • More frequent monitoring and contact with parents regarding progress and students’ attendance at support sessions.
Outcomes for Year 11PP Students 2016:
PP %PP 2016 Gap 2015 National Non PP (other) WBHS PP 2016 V Nat Other 2015
Total 11.6%
5+ A* - C All 70.7% -19.7% 72%
5+ A* - C (E/M) 65.9% -13.1% 63%
A*- C in En 80.0% -11.3% 74%
3 +LP En 85.0% -3.4% 74%
4 + LP in En 40.0% -7.1% 34%
A* -C in Ma 75.0% -10.0% 74%
3+LP Ma 75.0% -5.6% 72%
4 + LP Ma 27.5% -12.6% 35%